Holistic Approach

The financial crisis of 2008 served as the catalyst for creating RIA Advisors. In our roles as financial advisors at another financial services company in Houston, we were frustrated and disappointed with that firm’s complacency and lack of focus in providing adequate guidance to clients as they faced rapid loss of wealth in the worst market derailment since the Great Depression. This situation drove us to seek a path where we could put our clients’ interests first – not shareholders.

In 2009, we launched RIA Advisors at our office in Houston. We understand that, as investors, our clients’ prospective has changed. After devastating stock market collapses since the start of this century, it’s time for RIA Advisors.

Here at RIA Advisors, you will find a team with an objective, client-focused mission that:

  • Avoids inflexible investment strategies based on the “buy and forget” mentality that worked well during the long-term bull market prior to 2000 and continues to fail investors now
  • Eschews the lack of experience and knowledge that too frequently now characterizes many brokers who frankly are better equipped to be salespeople instead of trusted financial advisers
  • Rejects the practices of many financial services companies which overlook or neglect the total, holistic financial life planning, portfolio customization and education that clients need and deserve.

At RIA Advisors, our mission is to treat each client as a unique individual who has specific financial and life goals. We deliver holistic financial guidance to help them achieve their plans. We take a conservative approach to investment decisions and portfolio management, driven by advanced economic, quantitative and technical analysis with a focus on risk management. Our in-house team handles all facets of financial planning, including education, estate and retirement using dynamic web-based easy-to-use technology. RIA Advisors offers clients the flexibility of our comprehensive financial planning and money management services or our hourly services – whatever best suits a client’s requirements.

As a RIA Advisors client, you will find a financial advisor group that differs from other financial services firms:

  • We offer personalized, customized money management and financial planning.
  • We deliver goals-based planning for each client’s portfolio.
  • We are objective in our financial analysis for each client.
  • We adhere to a buy-rebalance-sell discipline.
  • We understand that ongoing communication is important to our clients and we take pride in handling all clients’ requests with a sense of urgency and respect.

Together, our team brings more than 75 years of experience and expertise in the financial services industry. We serve a broad range of clients with various financial situations and requirements. Our clients include individuals and families — some of whom have built considerable assets for their retirement while others are just beginning to plan for their financial future. RIA Advisors seasoned team is especially adept at guiding young professionals, often in their 30s or 40s, who want to create a financial strategy. Our hourly-rate planning program is well matched to fit our young clients’ needs and aspirations.

We also are experienced in serving a wide scope of businesses and organizations, such as family-owned companies, law firms and medical practices.

Our overarching goal is to build long lasting relationships with clients, where we can help guide them through market fluctuations, major life events and evolving financial/life goals. We are especially grateful to our long-term clients, many of whom we have had the honor of serving for several years.