Turn a Secured Credit Card Rejection into an Approval

Posted Monday, March 20th 2016 @ 1pm by Huffington Post’s Claire Tsosie

When Kyle Khachadurian found out that his application for a secured credit card had been denied, he felt crushed.

“In my head, I was doing everything right,” says the 23-year-old from Queens, New York. “I had a big chunk of savings. … I did everything the way you’re supposed to except for this.” But as it turned out, an old collections account he had all but forgotten about stopped him from getting the card he wanted. […]


Wall Street Gets A Bump

Posted Friday, January 15th 2016 @ 4am by iHeartMedia’s Cliff Saunders

Wall Street had its best day since December, but if you look at your portfolio, you know sticks are off to a bumpy start in 2016.

The Dow Jones jumped 228 points yesterday, but it’s still down nearly 6% this year. Certified financial planner Richard Rosso says what’s going on is because of the Fed’s decision to raise interest rates, China’s economy, and falling oil prices. […]


Millennials Have Dire View Of American Dream

Posted Friday, December 4th 2015 @ 5am by iHeartRadio’s Cliff Saunders
Young people are supposed to be dreamers, but these days they apparently have a different view of ‘The American Dream.’

According to the new Fusion poll millennials who said the American Dream isn’t really alive rose from 12% in 1986 to 29% today. Among white millennials that number has tripled. Certified financial planner Richard Rosso doesn’t think it’s a case of millennials simply being whiny. […]


Get the Most Out of Holiday Gift Cards

December 16, 2015 Advisor Voices
By Richard M. Rosso

Americans like gift cards – a lot.

Every year, 93% of consumers purchase a gift card, spending a staggering $100 billion, according to statistics from Despite how popular gift cards are, some of us still leave unused balances on our cards each year.

Retailers rack up the sales, but consumers are shortchanged by their own inaction. This year, maximize your gift cards. Here’s how: