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After 18-years on radio, the show has gone “digital” bringing you the financial and investing information you need to manage your money. Finally, news that makes sense. Lance digs into the raw data to bring a unique perspective to the conversation. His deep understanding of economics, markets and how investing really works helps listeners their goals. Tune in now and start your path to investing success.

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Financial Fitness Friday (6/11/21)
SEG-1: Tax Fraud and Inflation Explodes SEG-2: The Fed's 2% Solution for Everything SEG-3: Feeding the FOMO SEG-4: Cash, Valuations, and The Rosso Indicator -------- - Ho(...)
Triggers & Tipping Points Episode | The Real Investment Show (6/10/21)
Market Analysis & Commentary from RIA Advisors Chief Investment Strategist, Lance Roberts, CIO, w Portfolio Manager, Michael Lebowitz, CFA
Mixed-bag Wednesday Episode | The Real Investment Show (6/9/21)
SEG-1: Early Christmas Shopping; Market Commentary SEG-2: Raising Kids, Dubers, & Financial Education SEG-3: Why We Don't Like 401-K Plans SEG-4: CPI Index in Economic Re(...)
Technically Speaking Tuesday (6/8/21)
SEG-1: Why Global Taxation is a Non-issue SEG-2: Headines, Vaccines, & Economics SEG-3: Why Markets are Ripe for Correction SEG-4: Costs & Consequences of Killing the Oil(...)
Small Business Monday | The Real Investment Show (6/7/21
SEG-1: Janet Yellen's Pro-Inflation Stance SEG-2: The Post-COVID Jobs Conundrum: Getting Workers Back to Work SEG-3: Hiring Workers: Salary-plus? SEG-4: Benefits vs Liabi(...)
Financial Fitness Friday (6/4/21)
SEG-1: The Consequences of Financial Alchemy SEG-2: Financial Snuggies & Draining Retirement Funds SEG-3: Tough Love When it Comes to Money SEG-4: Building a Bridge to Re(...)
Thinking About Thinking About Tapering Episode | The Real Investment Show (6/3/21)
SEG-1: Market Weaknesses that Pose Risk SEG-2: Thinking About Thinking About Tapering SEG-3: The Fed & The Bond Market SEG-4: Return to Work & Corporate Profits -------- (...)
Biden Budget Episode | The Real Investment Show (6/2/21)
SEG-1: Cyber Attacks: How the Next World War is Fought SEG-2: The Biden Budget: Analysis & Critique SEG-3: How Tax Hikes Hurt (all of us) SEG-4: The Fed's Inflation Conun(...)
Technically Speaking Tuesday (6/1/21)
SEG-1: Infrastructure Plan: Next Hope for Economic Stimulus SEG-2: What 'Taking Profits' Means in Portfolio Management SEG-3: Investing Isn't a Competition SEG-4: Recover(...)
Financial Fitness Friday (5/28/21)
SEG-1: Memorial Day Weather & Biden's Budget/Spending Plan SEG-2: Finding the Excitement in Life Insurance SEG-3: Life Insurance & Tax Implications SEG-4: Claiming SS Aft(...)